Republic Short Sleeve Shirts
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Versatile Republic Short Sleeve Shirt #TRSS with Logo Service. The twill fabric provides
a smart presentation and this shirt is able to stand up to plenty of hard work on a daily basis.
As an example this shirt has been used as a successful uniform for Commercial Plumber Uniforms. The Republic is good choice for business uniforms inside and outdoors.

For all the details on Sizes, Colours and Logo Service the best idea is to contact
Corporate Profile Clothing on FreeCall 1800 654 990 or Contact Us Here



Republic Short Sleeve #TRSS and Long Sleeve Shirt #TRLS


Mens: Small. Medium. Large. XL. XXL. 3XL. and 5XL.
Womens: 8 to 22.


Versatile shirts for uniforms.
Twill fabric provides a smart presentation and shirt is able to stand up to plenty of hard work on a daily basis...a good choice for business uniforms inside and outdoors.
65% Polyester-35% Cotton.
For all the details the best idea is to call Shelley or Renee on FreeCall 1800 654 990.

Discount Prices

Recommended Retail Price is $44.95
Discount applies on standard MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 20 pcs
20 Short Sleeve shirts-$33.80 each + 10% GST
30 Short Sleeve shirts-$31.80 each + 10% GST
Prices quoted here are exclusive of GST.
Long Sleeve Shirts are also available-add $2.00 + 10% GST
*Prices have recently been updated, an older cache page was appearing on Google, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Standard Embroidery

As a guide, the prices below are for a standard size business or team embroidered logo.
20 shirts-$8.80 each + 10% GST
30 shirts-$6.80 each + 10% GST
50 shirts-$5.80 each + 10% GST
Initial Program Set Up is $90.00 + 10% GST includes a sample of your logo prior to production.
There is no charge for set up on repeat orders.
Prices quoted here are exclusive of GST.