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Football Socks #7PSS for Teams and School Sports. Sixteen popular team
colours- Stripes and Solid colours. High quality with long lasting
Nylon-Cotton-Elastane Stretch mix. Various sizes for Adults,
Youth and Childrens requirements.

For more details or to request a pair for inspection please
call 1800 654 990 or
Contact Us Here


Podium Football & Sport Socks #7PSS
55% Nylon-25% Cotton-5% Elastic.
High quality sports sock for teamwear or workwear.


As shown above.

Initial  minimum

20 pcs- One carton.

Team-Corporate rates

20 pair: Adult Socks-$9.80 each + 10% GST
100 pair: Adult Socks-$8.80 each + 10% GST
Prices quoted here are exclusive of GST.


Socks are not normally embroidered but if required we can confirm details for you. 


Children Sizes 9-2.* Brown/Gold Not Available in Child Sizes.
Youth Sizes: 2-7
Regular Adult Sizes: 6 to 10
King Sizes 11-14.

Lead  Time

Normally 7-8 days or please advise your deadline and we will try to assist you.